The Indianapolis PurityPlus® Promise: Superior Specialty Gases, Superior Local Service

When you work with American Welding & Gas, Inc., one of 150 North American PurityPlus® Partners, you receive more than the specialty gases or equipment you purchase. You as well get a promise like no other specialty gas vendor. With us, you see, you are promised an unbeatable combination of … 
  • Regional Availability
  • Individualized Attention and
  • Verified Quality.
Again, that’s a PurityPlus® promise, not just a list of potential benefits. Our Indianapolis clients will attest to it, too.
Looking first at regional availability. It is guaranteed. So is timely delivery. Our close proximity means you’ll find PurityPlus® gases and equipment consistently available and easily accessible. Even better, being near to you allowes us to give unique results that help you properly maintain your “just-in-time” supplies. Sign up with us, and you need never lack for the gases and equipment so essential to your company’s success.
Our being right here in Indianapolis also means you receive genuinely personalized attention. Let American Welding & Gas, Inc. be both a friend and a personal company ally. After all, our mission is to promptly recognize your business requirements and objectives, the more responsive service to provide. Customers are thankful for the technical expertise and close advisory nature of their relationships with us. They recognize they are partnering with savvy, experienced industry specialists who have their best interests at heart. It is a two-way street, you know.
Of course, the quality of the PurityPlus® product we provide is a big factor in the prosperity of our customer/partner relationship. To ensure this quality, PurityPlus has our business – and all PurityPlus Partner production/distribution hubs – certified annually by a separate, third-party institute. To assure that we meet – and surpass – certification prerequisites, PurityPlus® also invests heavily in upkeeping our business. Alongside the quality of PurityPlus® gases thus assured, you can concentrate on completing the business at hand. No time need be wasted on guesswork, mistakes, or verifying what should have been confirmed before the sale.
Wanting local availability, personalized attention, and verified quality with your present specialty gas supplier? Time to switch. Contact American Welding & Gas, Inc., your regional Indianapolis PurityPlus® Partner, today.