Fulfilling the Specialty Gas Needs of Indianapolis Microbreweries


Call it a “trend” – or not. But this would appear to be the Age of the Microbrewery, or Craft Brewery. Along with it has come the Rise of the Brewpubs, those sometimes quaint, sometimes upscale public houses or restaurants that brew beer on the premises and are cropping up (or would that be “hopping” up?) in neighborhoods across the continent anymore – including here, in Indianapolis. 

Industry statistics reveal that, of the 5,301 U.S. breweries operating in 2016, 99% of them were craft breweries. That’s 700 more than there were in 2015 – and 165% more than the 2,000 craft breweries that existed even six years ago! To be sure, people like microbrewery beers. Their sales are rising by 6% annually. And this is while beer industry sales in the main remain … well … flat.

Excuse us for reiterating what you may already know if you manage a microbrewery or a brewpub yourself. We just suspected many outsiders who take pleasure in microbrewery beers would like to know the facts too. Of course, it stands to reason that we’d know them at American Welding & Gas, Inc.. We provide microbreweries and brewpubs in and around Indianapolis with the specialty gases they have to have: CO2 and Nitrogen, primarily, but also Chlorine. Those are the top gases, in any case. And the local bond is what’s extremely important to our microbrewery and brewpub customers. It’s their guarantee – a guarantee PurityPlus® is almost uniquely positioned to give – that they’ll always have a sufficient inventory of the gases they need when they need them:

  • the bulk containers of CO2 to add “fizz” to their beers – in bottles or cans on microbrewery production lines and in mugs or glasses when dispensed at the brewpub bar;
  • the Nitrogen so vital to producing a very smooth, creamy Guinness-style beer and, more predominantly, for preventing oxidation in the headspace of a bottle or can, which can change taste and color;
  • the Nitrogen for use at brewpubs in dispensing draught beer; and
  • the Chlorine wiping out bacteria in bottles and cans on the microbrewery production line.

What Indianapolis microbreweries and brewpubs depend on above all else from a specialty gas supplier is speedy, responsive customer service. American Welding & Gas, Inc. delivers it in a variety of distinctive ways. Our local perspective helps us, for instance…

  • form close, personal partnerships with every one of our microbrewery and brewpub customers,
  • share more of the face-time and technical wisdom they treasure,
  • better grasp their needs so we can satisfy even their strictest specs,
  • guarantee on-time delivery of the CO2, Nitrogen, Chlorine, and other gases they depend on,
  • offer custom solutions like “just-in-time” inventory,
  • control product manufacture and testing to groundbreaking degrees, hence assuring a consistent product of the highest quality, and
  • control production and delivery costs, bringing about efficiencies that help us keep our prices among the most economical in the industry.

Small wonder, then, that so many more microbreweries and brewpubs are turning to PurityPlus® for the gases that keep their beers bubbly and their customers happy. Think you could use more of that yourself? Consult with American Welding & Gas, Inc. here in Indianapolis now.